Sport Assistants 

In BC3 category of Boccia, each athlete is allowed to be assisted by a Sport Assistant, who will remain in the athlete's box, but who must keep his back to court, and eyes averted from play. The Sport Assistant assists the athlete by moving the ramp with which the ball is propeled, as well as for any other need of the athlete. The offer of the Sport Assistant of course, does not begin at the start of the games. A Sport Assistant is necessary in each and every training, and he must be familiarized with the athlete, since he has no right of speaking to the athlete, and his actions are complementary to those of the athlete. Usually, the person who plays the role of the athlete's Sport Assistant is very close to the athlete, and most of the times his care for the athlete surpasses his duties as far as the game is concerned.

I train everyday and compete with my wife, Katerina Polychronidi, who is my Sport Assistant. We have a great chemistry between us and use an effective comunnication code. From the time I started playing Boccia until 2015, the role of my Sport Assistant was played by my father Daniel Polychronidis, with the exception of 2005-2008 Olympic circle when I competed with my godfather Thomas Chabazi. These two beloved persons of mine are also responsible for my equipment.